Buying the perfect Apples

Poland is the third-largest producer of Apples globally. The area of Grojec is considered the largest Apple Garden in Europe.  

Being the largest Apple producer in the EU, Poland has produced about 4.15 million tonnes of Apples annually. However, in 2019 the output reduced to 3 million tonnes. 

Being such important produce, how does one procure the best quality Apples. Well, here are some simple tips. While, the best way is to start by tasting it, here some other aspects that you should consider. 


Always make sure that the apple is firm. Especially if you are interested in purchasing Apples as a trader you must ensure its firmness for it to last longer. 

The Magness-Taylor (MT) fruit firmness tester is the standard device used by the industry to measure fruit firmness. MT firmness measurements involve the penetration of a round steel probe (11 mm in diameter for apples) into the fruit to determine if it is adequately firm. 

Visually examine the apple: After firmness, you should visually check the Apples for quality. One should consider looking for obvious signs of decay, markings like scuff or specks. Although marks do not necessarily mean that Apple is bad in taste, but if you are interested in reselling visual appeal is important. 

Learn about varieties

It is important to learn about varieties of Apples. Different markets (Cultures) will have a different preference. A good understanding of the varieties will also help you understand where the Apples can be used. Fruits considered for eating at the table are different from those meant for baking or processing. 

There are also some varieties like Fuji or Pink lady that are versatile and can be used for various purposes.  

Colour of the apple

Colour may not always give you a good idea of the taste. It can be helpful when selecting this fruit. You can check the green background if it is covered by a red or pink colouration in the case of red varieties of Apples. Generally, Apples with full colour are the result of good sunlight absorption that leads to good taste.  


A pleasant Aroma is an indicator of freshness. Different varieties seem to have variations in their fragrance. For example, Gala will have a stronger fragrance over others.